Ultimate B2B Plugin for WooCommerce

Complete solution for B2B and B2B+B2C WooCommerce stores.
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Quick Overview

The most advanced and feature-rich B2B solution ever.
Bulk Order Form

Wholesale B2B order form


Multiple buyers per account

Request a Quote

Quote requests, negotiation and offers

Guest Access Restriction

Hide prices, hide website, quote request instead of price

Shipping Methods Control

Enable or disable methods by user or group


Built-in messaging system

Customer Groups

Organize users in customer groups

Product Visibility Control

Full control by group, user, category, and product

B2B&B2C Hybrid Support

B2B features hidden for B2C users

EU VAT Support

VIES Validation
Add VAT to registration, billing and checkout

Purchase lists

Requisition lists / Wishlists

Extended B2B Registration

Custom fields in registration, billing and checkout

Payment Methods Control

Enable or disable payment methods by user or group


Make negotiated price offers
Specific offers for specific users or groups

Customers Panel

Sort users by company, group or customer type (B2B / B2C)

Email Notifications

New customer, quote request, customer approval, and new message notifications

B2B + B2C Multisite Support

Support for WordPress Multisite configurations

Complex Price Display Rules

Show prices with / without tax for B2B/B2C

Extended ``Re-Order``

Extra re-ordering features

Offline Payment Methods

Invoice payment gateway

Dynamic Rule System

Incredible versatility and control over pricing, discounts, free shipping,
required multiples, minimum
and maximum orders, taxes & fees, and tax exemptions.

Examples of what you can do with Dynamic Rules:

  • For the same product give Apple a price of $49, Samsung $59 and Microsoft $69
  • Set a minimum order of 150 parts for resellers, but only 50 parts for partners
  • Give 5% discount on glass products to resellers if they place an order of at least $500
  • Offer free shipping to Microsoft if they order minimum 1,000 microchips, but no more than 20,000

Discounts for specific users or groups
Discounts for specific products or categories
Conditions like: minimum product value or category quantity

Definitive Pricing Control

Give John $100 and Mark $200 for the same product
Tiered pricing: $1 for 1-100 pieces, $0.8 for 100-1000
Unlimited combinations and versatility

Hidden Pricing

Hide prices for only certain users or groups
Hide prices for only some products or categories

Free Shipping

Free shipping for certain products or categories
Free shipping for certain users or groups
Conditional free shipping: minimum quantity or value threshold

Tax Exemptions

Give tax exemptions to users or groups
Exempt specific products or categories
Require VIES-validated VAT ID (for EU)

Required Multiple

Products or categories purchasable in multiples of X
Set for specific users or groups
Set specific conditions

Minimum and Maximum Orders

Minimum order, product or category quantity or value
Maximum order, product or category quantity or value
Set for specific users or groups

Add Taxes & Fees

Taxes or Fees by user or group
Set for specific products or categories
Set conditions based on quantities or values purchased

Trusted Implementation.
Long-Term Development and Support.

Trusted B2B Implementation

Fully secure and tested
Continuous support and development

Theme Compatibility

Compatible and tested with top WooCommerce themes:
Flatsome, Porto, Shopkeeper, XStore, WoodMart, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok

Long-Term Vision and Roadmap

Continuous development and improvement
Roadmap for product development

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